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In Memory

By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo


Charlotte Ann Burks (Lockman) (Class Of 1966)
James "Duke" Kiestler (Class Of 1963)  

Kay Ferguson (Donaldson) (Class Of 1967)
Kathryn Holley (King) (Class Of 1956)
James 'Jimmy' A. May (Class Of 1966)
Brenda Stephens (Class Of 1968)
Judy L. Whitley (McMahan) (Class Of 1966)  
Patricia Willoughby (Weaver) (Class Of 1965)

James Hugh Boggan (Class Of 1954)
Spurgeon Browder (Class Of 1946)
Mike Clayton (Class Of 1969)  
Johnny Cox (Class Of 1960)
Barbara Dunaway (Martin) (Class Of 1948)
Jo Ann Ferguson (Garrison) (Class Of 1959)
Bess Locke (Ashe) (Class Of 1957)
Ricky McClain (Class Of 1966)  
Kenneth McGee (Class Of 1963)
Lessie B. McGee (Leonard) (Class Of 1936)
Dennis Moore (Class Of 1960)
Rosemary Patrick (Landreth) (Class Of 1948)
Tommy Phillips (Class Of 1968)  
Bobby Roberts (Class Of 1968)  
Darrel Treece (Class Of 1966)  
Arnie Vaughn (Class Of 1959)
George E. Weatherford (Class Of 1954)
June Weatherford (Martin) (Class Of 1950)

Patricia Carroll (Replogle) (Class Of 1951)
Harold Cox (Class Of 1960)
Harold E. Crawford (Class Of 1943)
Glenn Ferguson (Class Of 1966)
H. E. Hearn (Class Of 1965)
Joe Frank Mitchell (Class Of 1960)
Joe Martin Ozment (Class Of 1948)
Diane Weaver (Walker) (Class Of 1963)

Arlie Abbott (Class Of 1969)
Martha Jewel Bradford (Foley) (Class Of 1968)  
Betty Elliot (Reeves) (Class Of 1967)
Johnny Gray (Class Of 1966)
Robert Neal Hewitt (Class Of 1962)
Charles Ray Hunt (Class Of 1960)
Charles William Lee, Jr (Class Of 1964)
Roger Lowrance (Class Of 1966)

Treva Campbell (Carlton) (Class Of 1960)
James O'Neal Ferguson (Class Of 1967)
Paula Ferguson (Misenhimer) (Class Of 1964)
David Reeder (Class Of 1967)
O'Neal Story (Class Of 1967)

Sandra Forsyth (Singleton) (Class Of 1968)  
Jody Elizabeth Hoover (Jones) (Class Of 1966)
Gerald V. Maxedon (Class Of 1966)
C. Gail Mullins (Randall) (Class Of 1966)
Norma Lee Whitten (Duke) (Class Of 1966)
Dotty Jean Wolfe (Class Of 1955)

Charles Garrison (Class Of 1969)
Monty Tennyson (Class Of 1968)

Felix Forsythe (Class Of 1962)

Jimmy Dancer (Class Of 1968)

Charles Dancer (Class Of 1968)
Robert Harlan McDaniel (Class Of 1966)

Betty Jane Goodrum (Morris) (Class Of 1966)
Kathy Jolley (Kiestler) (Class Of 1967)

Jeannie Lou Hamilton (Rhodes) (Class Of 1945)
James Raymond Hurst (Class Of 1958)

Bonnie Maxedon (Wiggins) (Class Of 1969)

Neal R. Rickman (Class Of 1966)

Mike Browder (Class Of 1966)  

Jerry McCullar (Class Of 1966)
Nettie York (Whitten) (Class Of 1961)

Joe Nixon (Class Of 1966)

Paulette Hunter (West) (Class Of 1966)

Larry Joe Silva (Class Of 1966)

Robert C. 'Bob' Garrison (Class Of 1966)

Dennis (Duke) King (Class Of 1966)  

Mary Loyd Richardson (Class Of 1966)

Phillip Moore (Class Of 1967)

Charles Abbott (Class Of 1959)
Mary Bess Abernathy (Class Of 1936)
Mary Jane Abernathy (Wilds) (Class Of 1962)
Rachel Abernathy (Garrison) (Class Of 1933)
Amelia Adams (McCord) (Class Of 1929)
Robert Adams (Class Of 1925)
Louis Adams, Jr. (Class Of 1922)
Melissa Alexander (Class Of 1922)
Martha Lee Ammons (Watson) (Class Of 1940)
Robert E. Ammons, Jr. (Class Of 1943)
Bill Anderson (Class Of 1967)
Janet Anderson (Herin) (Class Of 1957)
Mildred Anderson (Tipton) (Class Of 1932)
Robert Anderson (Class Of 1947)
Ralph Armstrong (Class Of 1930)
Carolyn Ashe (Ainsworth) (Class Of 1965)
Uthel Ashe (Class Of 1945)
Charlie Atkins (Class Of 1968)
Margaret Jewel Atkins (Tidwell) (Class Of 1932)
Wanda Ayers (Wilkes) (Class Of 1956)
Mary Frances Baker (Capps) (Class Of 1943)
Norman Baker (Class Of 1957)
Olene Baker (Ervin) (Class Of 1950)
Robert Lee Barber (Class Of 1956)
Martha Barksdale (Gray) (Class Of 1941)
Kenneth Barnes (Class Of 1960)
JoAnn Barr (Treadwell) (Class Of 1950)
Jimmy Barron (Class Of 1954)
Elsie Basham (Simpson) (Class Of 1926)
George Basham (Class Of 1925)
Betty Jane Basinger (Doss) (Class Of 1957)
Billy Basinger (Class Of 1960)
Patricia Lee Basinger (Maxedon) (Class Of 1949)
Alva Bassham (Class Of 1924)
Elyalpha Bassham (Scott) (Class Of 1926)
Patty Jean Bateman (Lipford) (Class Of 1942)
Raymond J. Bauer (Class Of 1965)
Jim Beck (Class Of 1922)
Annie Rea Bell (Olive) (Class Of 1916)
Freddie Allen Bell (Class Of 1961)
Bessie Kate Bigger (Hodge) (Class Of 1942)
Rachel Bigger (Basinger) (Class Of 1926)
Elizabeth Ann Biggers (Garrett) (Class Of 1939)
Sula Bishop (Class Of 1923)
Kathleen Blakely (Class Of 1965)
Larry Randal Blasingame (Class Of 1954)
Mary Ruth Blevins (Class Of 1936)
Donald Boatman (Class Of 1968)
Faye Boatman (Class Of 1958)
Johnny Ray Bodiford (Class Of 1954)
Larry Bodiford (Class Of 1956)
Phyllis Boggan (Hamilton) (Class Of 1956)
William L. Bolton (Class Of 1939)
Donnie Mae Borden (Keough) (Class Of 1961)
Dottie Sue Borden (Class Of 1961)
Manley Boyd (Class Of 1949)
David Broadway (Class Of 1968)
Bernice Brooks (Gooch) (Class Of 1938)
Flora Lee Browder (Ward) (Class Of 1945)
Jo Ann Browder (Newman) (Class Of 1955)
Kate Browder (Class Of 1922)
Maxine Browder (Littlefield) (Class Of 1940)
Winfred Browder (Class Of 1946)
Mary Brown (Phillips) (Class Of 1945)
Rodney Brown (Class Of 1969)
Sandra Brown (Bush) (Class Of 1969)
Jimmy Brumley (Class Of 1967)
Charlcie Burkeen (Woodson) (Class Of 1950)
Elizabeth Ann Burks (Scott) (Class Of 1955)
Juanita Burks (Kiddy) (Class Of 1951)
Mary Ruth Burks (Fullwood) (Class Of 1947)
Wilma Ruth Burks (Taylor) (Class Of 1946)
James 'Jimmy' Byrd (Class Of 1958)
Rev. James Aurthur Byrd (Class Of 1954)
Donald Jarvin Cagle (Class Of 1954)
Robert Cagle (Class Of 1952)
Charles Gilbert Cain (Class Of 1947)
Doris Campbell (Sansing) (Class Of 1936)
Helen Carman (Lilly) (Class Of 1933)
Mary Ethel Carman (Jarnagin) (Class Of 1930)
Mildred Carman (Petty) (Class Of 1937)
Roy Lee Carman (Class Of 1939)
Mary Louise Carroll (Richardson) (Class Of 1939)
Norman Carroll, Jr (Class Of 1962)
Lou Edna Cartwright (Class Of 1941)
Lucille Cearley (Henderson) (Class Of 1933)
Marie Chambers (Holland) (Class Of 1945)
S. Kenneth Chambers (Class Of 1943)
Mrs. Lena Cheshier (Goodman) (Class Of 1923)
Tommy Cheshier (Class Of 1967)
Donna Clayton (Class Of 1968)
Donna Clayton (Lofton) (Class Of 1963)
Rickey Clayton (Class Of 1969)
Wayne Clayton (Class Of 1967)  
Lorraine Clifton (Robinson) (Class Of 1945)
Nola Clifton (Ellis) (Class Of 1935)
Sandra Coats (Wilson) (Class Of 1967)
Judith Ann Cohea (Class Of 1966)
Neal Coleman (Class Of 1967)
Rachel Coleman (Ripley) (Class Of 1934)
Vera Coleman (Curtis) (Class Of 1930)
Dominic Congiardo (Class Of 1969)
Frank Congiardo (Class Of 1958)
Vivian Cook (Weatherford) (Class Of 1939)
Edna Lee Cooke (Class Of 1945)
Larry Max Cotner (Class Of 1957)
Junior Coty Or Cody (Class Of 1946)
Alice Faye Cox (Ward) (Class Of 1968)  
Dorthena Cox (Estes) (Class Of 1940)
Dr. Elmo Cox (Class Of 1944)
J. Holland Cox (Class Of 1933)
Jimmy Cox (Class Of 1955)
Lois Carlene Cox (Class Of 1965)
Robert Gann Cox (Class Of 1957)
Willard Cox (Class Of 1935)
Nancy Jane Crabtree (Nutt) (Class Of 1954)
Reecie Crabtree (Tull) (Class Of 1945)
Mary Elizabeth Craig (Stokes) (Class Of 1952)
Mrs. Mabel Crocker (Davis) (Class Of 1923)
Roger Dale Crouse (Class Of 1969)  
Jo Ann Cude (Garrison) (Class Of 1960)
Glen Curtis (Class Of 1960)
Jimmie Sue Curtis (Lambert) (Class Of 1962)
Montie Curtis (Class Of 1927)
Wendell Curtis (Class Of 1950)
Dr. Thomas Dudley Dancer (Class Of 1954)
Earl D. Dancer (Class Of 1951)
Louis Dancer (Class Of 1934)
Oma Jean Dancer (Vaughn) (Class Of 1946)
Cola Davidson (Horton) (Class Of 1928)
Peggy Davis (Rankins) (Class Of 1952)
Dewey DePoyster (Class Of 1943)
Lessie Mae Depoyster (Newcomb) (Class Of 1941)
Ruth DePoyster (Moore) (Class Of 1935)
Elizabeth Dexter (Littlefield) (Class Of 1961)
Christine Dickerson (Lambert) (Class Of 1956)
Arnold Dillion (Class Of 1935)
Florence Dillion (King) (Class Of 1956)
Helen Dillon (Jernigan) (Class Of 1955)
Margaret Frances Dillon (Class Of 1954)
Mike Dillon (Class Of 1969)
Mrs. Esta Dorris (Etheridge) (Class Of 1923)
Bobby Doss (Class Of 1949)
Mary Jane Doss (Kinney) (Class Of 1959)
Larry Dunaway (Class Of 1959)
Peggy Dunaway (Class Of 1955)
Robert Andrew Dunaway (Class Of 1966)
Shirley Dunaway (Leonard) (Class Of 1942)
Hayes Dunnaway (Class Of 1934)
Robert Edwards, Jr. (Class Of 1967)
Charles Ellis (Class Of 1953)
Louise Ellsworth (Class Of 1968)
Howard Emmons (Class Of 1950)
Linden Ernest (Class Of 1964)
Oscar Ervin, Jr. (Class Of 1940)
Sarah Nell Erwin (Grubbs) (Class Of 1938)
Francine Estes (Lucas) (Class Of 1944)
George Gilbert Estes (Class Of 1942)
Jettie Lee Estes (Hughes) (Class Of 1938)
Madison Estes (Class Of 1939)
Marie Estes (Class Of 1942)
Travis Estes (Class Of 1936)
Dorothy Etheridge (Durbin) (Class Of 1948)
Larry Etheridge (Class Of 1965)
Robert Evans (Class Of 1959)
Robert Wayne Evans (Class Of 1962)
Travis 'Butch' Evans (Class Of 1963)
Betty Sue Everett (Volner) (Class Of 1955)
Kenneth Fanning (Class Of 1923)
Dr. Larry Farris (Class Of 1952)
O. W. Farris (Class Of 1947)
Dottie Ferguson (Lambert) (Class Of 1955)
O'Neal Ferguson (Class Of 1967)
Shirley Ferguson (King) (Class Of 1962)
Christine Fizackerly (Anderson) (Class Of 1938)
Ellis Flanagan (Class Of 1933)
Acie Flowers (Class Of 1959)
Arnold Floyd (Class Of 1937)
James Floyd (Class Of 1957)
Terry Ray Floyd (Class Of 1969)
James 'Buddy' Foote (Class Of 1952)
Partricia Lou Foote (Swinney) (Class Of 1961)
William E. Foote, Jr. (Class Of 1956)
Clyde Forsythe (Class Of 1942)
Audra Fortune (Class Of 1926)
Herman Foster (Class Of 1957)
Maidell Foster (Simpson) (Class Of 1943)
Quendolyn Foster (Congiardo) (Class Of 1959)
Joyce Foust (Bell) (Class Of 1968)
Barbara Freeman (Class Of 1967)
Kenneth Eugene Freeman (Class Of 1954)
Geraldine Fryar (Johnson) (Class Of 1937)
Maxine Fryar (Harris) (Class Of 1937)
Ruby Fulghum (Johnson) (Class Of 1923)
Glenn Fullerton (Class Of 1967)
Danny Gardner (Class Of 1967)
Terry Dee Gardner (Class Of 1969)
Franklin Garner (Class Of 1956)
Mary Helen Garrett (Nichols) (Class Of 1943)
Minnie E. Garrett (Hawkes) (Class Of 1946)
Virginia Gene (Harris) (Class Of 1934)
Rudolph Gilchrist (Class Of 1934)
Albert Gillespie (Class Of 1942)
Estelle Gillespie (Class Of 1922)
Jo Ann Gillespie (Mendenhall) (Class Of 1940)
Margaret Gillespie (Patterson) (Class Of 1935)
Charles W. Glover (Class Of 1963)
Patricia Godfrey (Class Of 1953)
Steve Godfrey (Class Of 1963)
Coy Gooch (Class Of 1938)
Florence Evelyn Gooch (Maness) (Class Of 1935)
Rhudalph Gooch (Class Of 1953)
Roger Gooch (Class Of 1968)
William Treadwell Gooch (Class Of 1947)
Robert Bryan Gooch, Jr. (Class Of 1943)
Athalee Goodrum (Glover) (Class Of 1943)
Athalee Goodrum (Latham) (Class Of 1943)
Clarence O'Neal Goodrum (Class Of 1962)
Derwood Goodrum (Class Of 1962)
Larry Gene Goodrum (Class Of 1961)
Maxine Goodrum (King) (Class Of 1952)
Norma Nell Goodrum (Coleman) (Class Of 1957)
Norma Ruth Goodrum (Williamson) (Class Of 1950)
Preston Ray Goodrum (Class Of 1939)
Bill Graham (Class Of 1967)
Brenda Graham (Kelley) (Class Of 1963)
Charlie Graham (Class Of 1932)
George T. Graham (Class Of 1939)
Irene Graham (Smith) (Class Of 1922)
J. B. Graham (Class Of 1929)
Louie Graham (Class Of 1922)
Patsy Graham (Price) (Class Of 1965)
Geroge Graham, Jr. (Class Of 1961)
Vester Grantham (Class Of 1934)
Annie Lee Gray (Class Of 1926)
Audrey Gray (McCullar) (Class Of 1922)
Barthel Gray (Class Of 1933)
Burlene Gray (Lambert) (Class Of 1943)
Demovia J. Gray (Wolfe) (Class Of 1951)
Doris Gray (Class Of 1943)
Hailey Gray (Class Of 1930)
Janet Gray (McCann) (Class Of 1964)
Linda Dayle Gray (Butler) (Class Of 1957)
Rayburn Gray (Class Of 1925)
Sandra Gray (Davis) (Class Of 1964)
William Glen Gray (Class Of 1956)
Bonnie Ruth Green (Bruton) (Class Of 1939)
Maggie Mae Greene (Class Of 1933)
Brodie Greer (Class Of 1934)
Delilah Greer (Wright) (Class Of 1931)
Jewell Greer (Greens) (Class Of 1930)
W. T. Greer (Class Of 1943)
Dot Grey (Price) (Class Of 1943)
Ben Halcomb (Class Of 1922)
Mary Halcomb (Class Of 1922)
Howard Hall (Class Of 1934)
James Hall (Class Of 1948)
Maxine Hall (Simpson) (Class Of 1936)
Alice Hamilton (Class Of 1924)
Alice Virginia Hamilton (Hendrix) (Class Of 1936)
DeWitt Hamilton (Class Of 1923)
Edris Hamilton (Meadows) (Class Of 1933)
Franklin Hamilton (Class Of 1940)
Fred Hamilton (Class Of 1928)
Ilene Hamilton (Richards) (Class Of 1929)
J. C. Hamilton (Class Of 1946)
J. T. Hamilton (Class Of 1936)
James Hamilton (Class Of 1934)
Joe Dan Hamilton (Class Of 1925)
Joe Gilbert Hamilton (Class Of 1955)
Judith E. 'Judy' Hamilton (Class Of 1952)
Louise Hamilton (Class Of 1927)
Martha Hamilton (McIver) (Class Of 1935)
Steve Hamlin (Class Of 1967)
Faye Hamm (Class Of 1950)
Maurice Hamm (Class Of 1946)
Olan Hamm (Class Of 1951)
Gene Harris (Class Of 1945)
Marguerite Harris (Dunaway) (Class Of 1932)
Ruth Harris (Class Of 1939)
Ruth Neal Harris (Grimsley) (Class Of 1960)
Johnny Harrison (Class Of 1967)
James Harville (Class Of 1969)
Patricia Hassett (Lowe) (Class Of 1965)
Alma Hawkins (Class Of 1922)
Bud Hawkins (Class Of 1943)
Forest Nell Hawkins (Class Of 1956)
J. T. Hawkins (Class Of 1937)
Joe Hawkins (Class Of 1929)
Mary Hawkins (Holcomb) (Class Of 1932)
Mildred Faye Hawkins (Strain) (Class Of 1942)
Ruby Hawkins (Martin) (Class Of 1926)
Candler Haynes (Class Of 1930)
Linda Kay Haynes (Reeder) (Class Of 1962)
Mrs. Annie Bell Haynes (Kirby) (Class Of 1923)
Weldon Henderson (Class Of 1933)
Katie Lee Hendrix (Ethridge) (Class Of 1922)
Ralph Hendrix (Class Of 1933)
William R. Hendrix (Class Of 1967)
Carl Henley (Class Of 1957)
Lloyd Henry (Class Of 1946)
Martha Henry (Thacker) (Class Of 1964)
Nora Frances Henry (Sharpe) (Class Of 1949)  
Samuel D. 'Sammy' Henry (Class Of 1952)
Brenda Joyce Henson (Byrd) (Class Of 1962)
Ernestine Henson (McDaniel) (Class Of 1946)
Ewell Henson (Jones) (Class Of 1938)
Jewell Henson (Hockaday) (Class Of 1938)
Mrs. Nola Mae Hester (Lancaster) (Class Of 1923)
Carolyn Hicks (Class Of 1964)
Lockie Mae Higginbottom (Mitchell) (Class Of 1932)
Mary Higginbottom (Class Of 1924)
Maymie Higginbottom (Lain) (Class Of 1930)
S. E. Higginbottom (Class Of 1933)
Betty Sue Hill (Huggins) (Class Of 1956)
Reba Faye Hill (Hardie) (Class Of 1957)
Preston Hines (Class Of 1959)
Paul Hively (Class Of 1960)
Arnold Hockaday (Class Of 1935)
Dorothy Hockaday (Hester) (Class Of 1930)
Mildred Hockaday (Martin) (Class Of 1947)
Bonnie Goodrum Hodge (Reed) (Class Of 1962)
Charles Hodges (Class Of 1942)
Hugh L. Hodges, Jr. (Class Of 1938)
John G. Hollis (Class Of 1951)
Jerry Holloman (Class Of 1959)
J. C. Holly (Class Of 1952)
Donna Holmes (Class Of 1968)  
Athalee Hooper (Class Of 1940)
Nelda Hopkins (McCarter) (Class Of 1948)
Rebecca Lynn Hopkins (DeBerry) (Class Of 1957)
Winston Hopkins (Class Of 1960)
Ray Hornbuckle (Class Of 1962)
Billie Horner (Cox) (Class Of 1951)
Dorotha Horner (Doss) (Class Of 1935)
James O. Horner (Class Of 1950)
Leon J. Horton (Class Of 1951)
Melba Horton (Helton) (Class Of 1955)
Bobby Housan (Class Of 1947)
Dr. Nelson Houston (Class Of 1955)
Leslie Houston (Class Of 1925)
Loraine Houston (Scott) (Class Of 1923)
Maurice Houston (Class Of 1923)
Sam Houston (Class Of 1925)
Fred D. Howell (Class Of 1941)
Herbert Howell (Class Of 1957)
James Willard Howell (Class Of 1961)
Robert Howell (Class Of 1935)
Bobby Gene Howie (Class Of 1948)
Kathleen Huffman (Mee) (Class Of 1938)
George Huggins (Class Of 1943)
Maxine Huggins (Morgan) (Class Of 1936)
Robert Huggins (Class Of 1965)
Stanley Moffet Huggins (Class Of 1965)
Dr. Tom Neal "Bud" Humphrey (Class Of 1930)
Louise Humphrey (Hamm) (Class Of 1929)
Franklin Hunt (Class Of 1940)
Alfred Coleman Hunter (Class Of 1941)
Alton L. Hunter (Class Of 1946)
George Hunter (Class Of 1960)
J. T. Hunter (Class Of 1942)
J. W. Hunter (Class Of 1932)
John Robert Hunter (Class Of 1935)
Mary Ann Hunter (Sanson) (Class Of 1934)
Mildred Hunter (Eastwood) (Class Of 1943)
Virginia Hunter (Class Of 1937)
Linda Faye Hurley (Holt) (Class Of 1958)
Anita Hurst (Moore) (Class Of 1955)
Arnold Hurst (Class Of 1946)
Betty Hurst (Barron) (Class Of 1952)
Billy Clyde Hurst (Class Of 1961)
Charlotte Ann Hurst (Harris) (Class Of 1962)
Julius Hurst (Class Of 1937)
Quinnie Hurst (Class Of 1934)
Rachel Lee Hurst (Dillion) (Class Of 1941)
Versie Mae Hurst (Rozefort) (Class Of 1968)
Marvin Hurst, Jr (Class Of 1963)
Gladys Katherine Ingle (Class Of 1957)
Maxine Ingle (Johnson) (Class Of 1946)
Mary Edith Isbell (Moore) (Class Of 1940)
Dorothy Jacobs (McCollum) (Class Of 1957)
Dollie Sue Jaggers (Cauley) (Class Of 1959)
Junelle Johnson (McBride) (Class Of 1953)
Marie Johnson (Wilbank) (Class Of 1948)
Sandra Johnson (Clayton) (Class Of 1969)
Alan Jones (Class Of 1960)
Charles Jones (Class Of 1949)
Donald Malvern Jones (Class Of 1947)
Garland Jones (Class Of 1949)
Gordon Jones (Class Of 1942)
Iris Jones (Tull) (Class Of 1945)
J. D. Jones (Class Of 1944)
Jeff Jones (Class Of 1966)
Joyce Jones (Redmon) (Class Of 1951)
Junior Jones (Class Of 1949)
Louis Jones (Class Of 1942)
Lowell Jones (Class Of 1958)
Malene Jones (Burk) (Class Of 1950)
Martha Jones (Gooch) (Class Of 1945)
Mildred Jones (Reeder) (Class Of 1937)
Rufus Jones (Class Of 1937)
Warren Lee Jones (Class Of 1940)
Doris Jopling (Harrison) (Class Of 1949)
Jessie Jopling (Medford) (Class Of 1927)
Zilpah Jopling (Class Of 1922)
Larry Jordan (Class Of 1953)
Patsy Jordan (Scott) (Class Of 1967)
Tedford Jordan (Class Of 1925)
Farris Kiestler (Class Of 1960)
Jo Ann Kiestler (Class Of 1962)
Patsy Kiestler (Pickle) (Class Of 1959)
Waynetta Kiestler (Class Of 1961)
Wilbur Dean Kiestler (Class Of 1957)
Gerald Kinchen (Class Of 1948)
Billy Wilton King (Class Of 1954)
Bobby King (Class Of 1969)
Diane King (Kirk) (Class Of 1967)
Douglas R. King (Class Of 1962)
George King (Class Of 1959)
Grady Alton King (Class Of 1928)
James Richard King (Class Of 1968)
Jess King (Class Of 1955)
Jewel King (Collett) (Class Of 1933)
Jimmy King (Class Of 1953)
Jimmy Nelson King (Class Of 1963)
Kenneth King (Class Of 1959)
Kenneth W. King (Class Of 1966)
Louise King (Lindsey) (Class Of 1930)
Morine King (Haddock) (Class Of 1949)
Nadyne King (Swaffer) (Class Of 1957)
Pat King (Farris) (Class Of 1969)
Patsy King (Fergerson) (Class Of 1964)
Rosetta King (Mills) (Class Of 1953)
Shirley King (Roland) (Class Of 1956)
Texas King (Class Of 1962)
Warren Dwight King (Class Of 1963)
Clarence Kirk (Class Of 1953)
Clifford Kirk (Class Of 1952)
Gary Kirk (Class Of 1965)
Gordon Kirk (Class Of 1935)
Inez Kirk (Young) (Class Of 1935)
Lawrence Kirk (Class Of 1952)
Mary Powell Kirk (Demastus) (Class Of 1938)
Willa 'Willie' Kirk (Meek) (Class Of 1932)
Herman Kirkpatrick (Class Of 1939)
Dorothy Kiser (Godfrey) (Class Of 1930)
Kaye Kiser (Tacker) (Class Of 1960)
Mary Kiser (Harston) (Class Of 1950)
Harold Lee Knight (Class Of 1964)
Vernon Rudolph Lacefield (Class Of 1954)
Orpha Lain (Fortune) (Class Of 1924)
Clara Lambert (Scott) (Class Of 1923)
Clara Rose Lambert (Johnson) (Class Of 1946)
Jackie Lambert (Class Of 1963)
Jerry Layne Lambert (Class Of 1954)
Martha Lambert (Fridge) (Class Of 1958)
Wilma Jo Lambert (Cox) (Class Of 1949)
Charles W. Lee (Class Of 1942)
Tom Lee (Class Of 1967)
Freddie Mae Leonard (Class Of 1940)
Haskel Leonard (Class Of 1934)
W. T. Leonard (Class Of 1965)
Jack Lewis (Class Of 1950)
Rita Ann Lewis (Class Of 1959)
Sarah W. Lewis (Class Of 1927)
James Ross Littlejohn (Class Of 1956)
Betty Locke (Horton) (Class Of 1960)
Brenda Carolyn Locke (Derryberry) (Class Of 1962)
Eugene Locke (Class Of 1964)
Marlet Locke (Class Of 1935)
Roy Gene Locke (Class Of 1959)
Shirley Locke (Nixon) (Class Of 1956)
Carl Locke, Jr (Class Of 1964)
Anelle Lockman (Lewis) (Class Of 1935)
Jimmy Lott (Class Of 1956)
Robert Brose Lott (Class Of 1954)
Glenda Sue Lowrance (King) (Class Of 1961)
Emmett Lunceford (Class Of 1947)
Sara Lunceford (Watts) (Class Of 1949)
Althelia Lusk (Class Of 1967)
Hazel Maness (Brown) (Class Of 1934)
Louise Maness (Burns) (Class Of 1945)
Ronnie D. Maness (Class Of 1967)
Eunice Marshall (Class Of 1926)
Ruth Marshall (Harris) (Class Of 1926)
Betty Martin (Carter) (Class Of 1952)
Jerry Martin (Class Of 1967)
Jo Doris Matlock (Hutcherson) (Class Of 1955)
Tommie Jean Matlock (Class Of 1953)
David B. Mattox (Class Of 1967)
John Mattox (Class Of 1948)
Julian Dorris Maxdon (Class Of 1954)
P. J. Maxedon (Class Of 1947)
Shirley Ann Maxedon (Class Of 1967)
Varina Maxedon (McCarty) (Class Of 1938)
Varina Ruth Maxedon (Newcomb) (Class Of 1939)
Bert Arnold Maxedon, Sr. (Class Of 1946)
Bobbye Maxwell (Dobbs) (Class Of 1951)
Virginia May (Olson) (Class Of 1945)
Betty Mayfield (Cooper) (Class Of 1960)
Roy Lee Mayo (Class Of 1967)
Durwood McAlister (Class Of 1944)
Arnie B. McAlpin (Class Of 1926)
Glenn McBride (Class Of 1952)
Marrain McCann (Class Of 1955)
Terry Darryl McCann (Class Of 1959)
Joe Wayne McClain (Class Of 1952)
John Tyler McClain (Class Of 1963)
Linda McClain (White) (Class Of 1960)
Marie McClain (Richards) (Class Of 1952)
Will D. McClain (Class Of 1951)
Mary Ann McComic (Mitchell) (Class Of 1953)
Richard McComic (Class Of 1938)
Mary McCormack (Scalise) (Class Of 1937)
Mary Frances McCormack (Hawkins) (Class Of 1933)
Will Tom McCormick (Class Of 1965)
Elsie Faye McCoy (Class Of 1922)
Bill McCullar (Class Of 1946)
Oscar McCullar (Class Of 1928)
Robert McCullar (Class Of 1935)
Charles Edward McDaniel (Class Of 1944)
Roy L. McDaniel (Class Of 1944)
Bennie J. McGee (Class Of 1959)
Herbert McGee (Class Of 1956)
Lawrence C. McGee (Class Of 1935)
Lois McGee (Class Of 1944)
Lois McGee (McCann) (Class Of 1944)
Floella McIntyre (Downs) (Class Of 1939)
L. T. McIntyre (Class Of 1942)
William McKell (Class Of 1925)
Susan McLain (Little) (Class Of 1964)
Aron McMahan (Class Of 1955)
James Gary McMahan (Class Of 1961)
William McMahan (Class Of 1955)
Lucille McNatt (Evans) (Class Of 1936)
Vergie McNatt (Etheridge) (Class Of 1935)
Alice Tay McReynolds (Dunagan) (Class Of 1946)
Ruby Meeks (Class Of 1926)
Mary Agness Messer (Class Of 1939)
Aleene Michael (Kelly) (Class Of 1938)
Lucille Michael (Lucci) (Class Of 1945)
Norman Michael (Class Of 1948)
Robert Michael (Class Of 1968)
Roger Dale Michael (Class Of 1962)
Willie Michael (Class Of 1942)
Mae Ruth Micheal (DeBell) (Class Of 1941)
James Miller (Class Of 1934)
Ms. Mary Dona Miller (Class Of 1945)
Ruth Miller (Class Of 1943)
Tommy Miller (Class Of 1967)
Dwayne Mills (Class Of 1968)
Alva D. Mitchell (Class Of 1928)
Edward Mitchell (Class Of 1941)
Effie Carrie Mitchell (Woods) (Class Of 1942)
Geraldine Mitchell (Sims) (Class Of 1952)
James Warren Mitchell (Class Of 1969)
Jewell Mitchell (Nase) (Class Of 1937)
Joe Ervin Mitchell (Class Of 1950)
Ralph Mitchell (Class Of 1955)
Roy Mitchell (Class Of 1935)
Doretha Louise Moffett (Huggins) (Class Of 1945)
Anita Moore (Barr) (Class Of 1955)
Benton Moore (Class Of 1923)
Betty Sue Moore (Ingram) (Class Of 1953)
Bobby Moore (Class Of 1969)
Essie Moore (Gilbert) (Class Of 1933)
James Lanie Moore (Class Of 1961)
Joe Vance Moore (Class Of 1955)
Lanie Moore (Class Of 1927)
Larry Moore (Class Of 1960)
Lockie Irene Moore (Newman) (Class Of 1963)
M. Vance Moore (Class Of 1933)
Mary Lee Moore (Fortune) (Class Of 1958)
Mary Louise Moore (Pipkins) (Class Of 1952)
Mattie Moore (Griffin) (Class Of 1962)
O'Neal Moore (Class Of 1958)
R. D. Moore (Class Of 1940)
Terry H. Moore (Class Of 1934)
William Leslie Moore (Class Of 1926)
Debbie Mullins (Hurst) (Class Of 1969)
Greer Mullins (Class Of 1937)
John D. Mullins (Class Of 1955)
Robbie Caryl Mullins (Class Of 1956)
Janice Murray (Carroll) (Class Of 1963)
Phoeba Murray (Prather) (Class Of 1956)
Robert Lynn Murray (Class Of 1959)
Maxine Nickles (McKibbon) (Class Of 1943)
Bobby Nixon (Class Of 1958)
Rayburn Nixon (Class Of 1958)
William Kenneth Norris (Class Of 1954)
Robert Nowlin (Class Of 1944)
Ruth O'Neal (Therassee) (Class Of 1938)
Richard Wayne Owens (Class Of 1961)
Montez Parham (Class Of 1948)
Joel Parker (Class Of 1935)
Jimmy Parrish (Class Of 1955)
Loraine Payne (Rogers) (Class Of 1936)
Dr. William 'Bill' O. Perkins (Class Of 1958)
Ercell Perkins (Class Of 1929)
Lionell Perkins (Class Of 1932)
Helen Phillips (Springer) (Class Of 1950)
Phyllis Phillips (Class Of 1958)
Patsy Pickle (Class Of 1953)
James Pipkin (Class Of 1946)
Manuel Pipkin (Class Of 1949)
Harold Plunk (Class Of 1967)
Jerry Plunk (Class Of 1958)
Jimmy Plunk (Class Of 1950)
Wayne Plunk (Class Of 1949)
Rayburn Pollard (Class Of 1956)
Douglas W. Potts (Class Of 1956)
Blanche Prather (Griffin) (Class Of 1948)
Bobby Prather (Class Of 1963)
Edna Prather (Wilkes) (Class Of 1923)
Ether Pearl Prather (Dancer) (Class Of 1930)
Frances Marie Prather (Combs) (Class Of 1928)
Hubert 'Cat' Prather (Class Of 1922)
James Edgar Prather (Class Of 1930)
Jerry Wayne Prather (Class Of 1958)
Marie Prather (McComic) (Class Of 1936)
Maye Ethel Prather (Karikas) (Class Of 1927)
Parvin Prather (Class Of 1934)
Rachel Prather (Black) (Class Of 1953)  
Bill Price (Class Of 1965)
Melvin Price (Class Of 1952)
Charles Raines (Class Of 1951)
Harold Delano Raines (Class Of 1954)
Annie Rea Ramer (Moore) (Class Of 1933)
Carolyn Ramer (Class Of 1937)
Jett Ramer (Class Of 1932)
Johnnie Ramer (Emmons) (Class Of 1936)
Mary Opal Ramer (White) (Class Of 1936)
Mrs. Lucille Ramer (McCormic) (Class Of 1926)
William Ramsey (Class Of 1965)
Kenneth Randolph (Class Of 1951)
Dr. Jack T. Ray (Class Of 1943)
Jerry Neal Ray (Class Of 1964)
Louise Ray (Massey) (Class Of 1955)
Robert Ray (Class Of 1937)
Shirlee Dee Ray (Stopher) (Class Of 1967)
Ward Ray (Class Of 1961)
Wilma Jean Ray (Towater) (Class Of 1961)
Bobbye Reeder (Schumacher) (Class Of 1949)
J. Ralph Reeder (Class Of 1934)
William L. 'Bill' Reeder (Class Of 1946)
Guy Mac Replogle (Class Of 1951)
John Replogle (Class Of 1960)
Robert Reno Replogle (Class Of 1957)
Lena Mae Richards (Vaughn) (Class Of 1930)
Louise Richards (Breeden) (Class Of 1939)
June C. Rinehart (Hendrix) (Class Of 1961)
Elmer Jr. Rinks (Class Of 1947)
Gene Rinks (Class Of 1951)
Larry Roberts (Class Of 1964)
Fairy Ruth Robertson (Hunter) (Class Of 1942)
James Robertson (Class Of 1942)
Reno Robertson (Class Of 1948)
Guy Robinson (Class Of 1934)
James Robinson (Class Of 1967)
James Alan Robinson (Class Of 1964)
Joe Dave Robinson (Class Of 1933)
Nan Robinson (Salisbury) (Class Of 1967)
Nola Kay Robinson (White) (Class Of 1937)
Pansy Robinson (Cowsert) (Class Of 1940)
Phillip Robinson (Class Of 1938)
Rebon Robinson (Class Of 1938)
Verneal Robinson (Harman) (Class Of 1932)
Vernon Lee Robinson (Class Of 1945)
Chester Carnell Roland (Class Of 1954)
Anita Rowland (Hilliard) (Class Of 1959)
Frank Russell (Class Of 1945)
Diane Russom (Class Of 1969)
Patsye Russom (Templeton) (Class Of 1960)
Billy Joe Sanders (Class Of 1955)
Dortha June Sanders (Wolfe) (Class Of 1954)
John Holly Sanders (Class Of 1961)
Nannie Sue Sanders (McAlister) (Class Of 1941)
Raven Nelson Sanders (Class Of 1954)
Mark Schafer (Class Of 1968)
Alton B. Scott (Class Of 1923)
Ethelyn Scott (Thomas) (Class Of 1930)
Gerald P. Scott (Class Of 1955)
Geroge Preston Scott (Class Of 1928)
James Alton Scott (Class Of 1952)
Lyn Scott (Class Of 1967)
D. K. Sewell (Class Of 1949)
Kate Sewell (Abernathy) (Class Of 1943)
Kenneth Sharp (Class Of 1963)
John Raiford Sharp, Jr. (Class Of 1954)
Charles Duane Shea (Class Of 1926)
Frances Inez Sheffield (Atkinson) (Class Of 1959)
Dwight Shelby (Class Of 1964)
June Shelton (Droke) (Class Of 1948)
Carolyn Shields (McCullar) (Class Of 1967)
Robert Sibley (Class Of 1950)
Lloyd Silva (Class Of 1964)
J. D. Simpson (Class Of 1943)
Johnie Simpson (Class Of 1932)
Lawrence O. Sims (Class Of 1949)
Mae Sipes (Ozment) (Class Of 1950)
Teddy Sisk (Class Of 1968)
Roger Skelton (Class Of 1968)
Faye Smallwood (Lee) (Class Of 1925)
Quantrell Smallwood (Class Of 1922)
Ann Smith (Destretti) (Class Of 1969)
Berlie Smith (Class Of 1922)
Billy Smith (Class Of 1949)
Billy Gene Smith (Class Of 1951)
Carolyn Faye Smith (Replogle) (Class Of 1957)
Dr. James H. Smith (Class Of 1950)
Ernest Ross Smith (Class Of 1959)
Jimmie N. Smith (Class Of 1969)
Loren W. Smith (Class Of 1940)
Margie Smith (Weatherford) (Class Of 1924)
Mary Alice Smith (Dobbins) (Class Of 1933)
Mary Alice Smith (Rutherford) (Class Of 1934)
Molly Smith (Cherry) (Class Of 1957)
Nell Carter Smith (Eldridge) (Class Of 1945)
Nola Eileen Smith (Simpson) (Class Of 1937)
Robert B. Smith (Class Of 1939)
Robert F. Smith (Class Of 1944)
Roberta Smith (Ferguson) (Class Of 1939)
Sarah Smith (Burress) (Class Of 1958)
Troy Smith (Class Of 1927)
Wayne Smith (Class Of 1967)
J. M. Smith, Jr. (Class Of 1937)
Marion 'Matt' Snell (Class Of 1958)
Aval Sowell (Roy) (Class Of 1947)
Albert Dee Sparks (Class Of 1953)
Gordon Sparks (Class Of 1951)
Marion Stafford (Dees) (Class Of 1944)
Jane Stanfield (Bogatitius) (Class Of 1962)
Barbara Steadman (Class Of 1963)
Dorothy Steadman (McNatt) (Class Of 1960)
John Steadman (Class Of 1937)
Marjorie Steadman (Class Of 1952)
Vestus Steadman (Class Of 1937)
Bettye Steele (Hoover) (Class Of 1952)
Bobby Stephens (Class Of 1964)
Gladys Stephens (Class Of 1930)
Edward Surratt (Class Of 1933)
Paul Edward Surratt (Class Of 1946)
Robert Surratt (Class Of 1946)
Evelyn Swaim (Teague) (Class Of 1934)
Ira Swaim (Class Of 1922)
Mity Lena Swaim (McAlpin) (Class Of 1927)
J. R. Swaim, Jr. (Class Of 1925)
Beatrice Tackett (Lee) (Class Of 1943)
Johnny Tackett (Class Of 1950)
Peggy Deniece Tackett (Hahn) (Class Of 1961)
Janice Taylor (Tate) (Class Of 1955)
Verrell Teague (Class Of 1934)
Lois Templeton (Moffett) (Class Of 1947)
Bernice Thomas (Wheatley) (Class Of 1935)
Eldon Thomas (Class Of 1930)
Margaret Thompson (Hailey) (Class Of 1930)
Mike Thompson (Class Of 1968)
Houston Thrasher (Class Of 1925)
Pugh Houston Thrasher, Jr. (Class Of 1953)
Ralph Tidwell (Class Of 1955)
Jonnie R Townsend (Class Of 1936)
Gary Treece (Class Of 1962)
Hoyt Treece (Class Of 1968)
Anne Tull (Hendrix) (Class Of 1937)
Barbara Elaine Tull (Class Of 1964)
Edna H. Tull (Class Of 1932)
Gary Tull (Class Of 1969)
Mary Lee Tull (Hendrix) (Class Of 1933)
Leo Tull, Jr (Class Of 1965)
Troy Vandiver (Class Of 1956)
William Vandiver (Class Of 1960)
Eugene Varnell (Class Of 1942)
Maxine Varnell (McCullar) (Class Of 1932)
Wilma Varnell (Moore) (Class Of 1933)
James Vaughn (Class Of 1958)
Peggy Vaughn (Dixon) (Class Of 1956)
Fred Vinson (Class Of 1941)
Robert 'Bob' Lee Vires, Sr. (Class Of 1960)
Beatrice Walker (Prather) (Class Of 1937)
Billy D. Walker (Class Of 1944)
Kenneth Walker (Class Of 1964)
Herman Gillis Wallace (Class Of 1927)
Margaret Jewel A. Wallace (Class Of 1926)
Virginia Wallace (Littrell) (Class Of 1945)
Welborn Wallace (Class Of 1922)
Herman Gillis Wallace, Jr. (Class Of 1958)
Roger F. Ward (Class Of 1962)
Rhonda Wardlow (Dixe) (Class Of 1969)
Betty Watson (Ralph) (Class Of 1956)
Geraldine Watson (Boleyn) (Class Of 1951)
Joe Watson (Class Of 1955)
John Dalton Watson (Class Of 1961)
Johnnie Watson (King) (Class Of 1965)
Vercilee Watson (Moore) (Class Of 1944)
Dalphine Weatherford (Huckabee) (Class Of 1942)
James Thomas Weatherford (Class Of 1948)
Jimmy Weatherford (Class Of 1950)
K. Gene Weatherford (Class Of 1956)
Larry A. Weatherford (Class Of 1956)
Martha Frances Weatherly (Nelson) (Class Of 1943)
Willie Jean Weatherly (Class Of 1948)
Bernie Weaver (Class Of 1956)
Joy Weaver (Class Of 1950)
Magdalene Weeks (Goad) (Class Of 1941)
Raymond Weeks (Class Of 1934)
Annabelle Whitaker (Smith) (Class Of 1940)
Billy Joe Whitaker (Class Of 1956)
James Oscar Whitaker (Class Of 1954)
Jerry Neal Whitaker (Class Of 1957)
Joan Whitaker (Hollis) (Class Of 1951)
Joyce Whitaker (Dunaway) (Class Of 1956)
Ina Joe White (Pace) (Class Of 1938)
Carey Whitehurst (Brown) (Class Of 1924)
Gary Whitten (Class Of 1964)
Janice Marie Whitten (Robinson) (Class Of 1966)
Jerry Whitten (Class Of 1967)
William Dorris Whitten (Class Of 1953)
Paul Whittington (Class Of 1933)
Pauline Whittington (Dudgeon) (Class Of 1926)
Charlotte Wilkerson (McCarter) (Class Of 1964)
Richard Marlin Wilkerson (Class Of 1959)
L. G. Wilkes (Class Of 1939)
Marvin Wilkes, Jr. (Class Of 1963)
Canetha Wilkinson (Moore) (Class Of 1934)
Alva D. Williams (Class Of 1936)
Celeste Williams (Higginbottom) (Class Of 1934)
Inetha Williams (Class Of 1967)
John L. Williams (Class Of 1939)
Johnny B. Williams (Class Of 1958)
Lura Williams (Class Of 1922)
Raymond C. Williams (Class Of 1962)
Ted Williams (Class Of 1936)
Tommy Willis (Class Of 1964)
Ina Jean Wilmeth (Class Of 1957)
Jessie Wilson (Murray) (Class Of 1955)
Bobby G. Wolfe (Class Of 1958)
Fannie Lee Wolfe (Kerby) (Class Of 1935)
Ludie Or Ludia Wolfe (King) (Class Of 1930)
Albert Wolfe, Jr. (Class Of 1962)
Grace Wood (Class Of 1916)
Hugh Wood (Class Of 1940)
Ivy Wood (Milligan) (Class Of 1923)
Mary Wood (Class Of 1923)
Mary Ruth Wood (Class Of 1942)
Peggy Wood (Pratt) (Class Of 1956)
Clara Jane Woods (Goodrich) (Class Of 1953)
Allen Wooten (Class Of 1923)
Arvey Wooten (Class Of 1922)
Wyneth Wratherford (Davis) (Class Of 1944)
Martha Ann Wright (Sharp) (Class Of 1954)
Joe E. Wyatt (Class Of 1946)
William Gary Wynn (Class Of 1969)
Francis Yarbrough (Moore) (Class Of 1965)
Elizabeth Yates (Dezonia) (Class Of 1943)
Lara Ann York (Class Of 1958)
Norman Alton Younger (Class Of 1954)

M. R. Abernathy (Faculty)
L. K. Alexander (Faculty)
Robert Ammons, Jr. (Faculty)
Alberta Barnes (Gillespie (Faculty))
Aaron Brooks (Faculty)
B. W. Bruce (Faculty)
Bonnie L. Cheshier (Faculty)
Zolan Clayton (Faculty)
Frank Congiardo (Faculty)
H. J. Cox (Faculty)
Clinton Edmiston (Faculty)
Mauvaleen Ellis (Faculty)
Vergie Etheridge (Faculty)
Charles D. Gallaher (Faculty)
Alberta Gillespie (Faculty)
Jacqueline 'Jackie' Hamilton (Faculty)
W. N. Hicks (Faculty)
R. M. Houston (Faculty)
Julius Hurst (Faculty)
B. T. Kiser (Faculty)
Irene Moore (Faculty)
J. D. Mullins (Faculty)
Lowell Powell (Faculty)
John Lee Powers (Faculty)
Robert G. Prather (Faculty)
Katherine Scott (Faculty)
W. B. Simpson (Faculty)
Mr. Suggs (Faculty)
Gaytha Williams (Faculty)
B. O. Womble (Faculty)

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